Los Angeles Counties fastest growing region:

Only Agoura Hills, at 5.4 percent, grew faster than the two Antelope Valley cities. The Antelope Valley’s other city, California City in Kern County, grew at a rate just under 1 percent, adding 98 residents to reach a population of 11,504.

— Sources: US census, Gavea, and City-data.com

General Population By City
Los Angeles County, 1960 – 2000
U.S. Census

US fastest growing suburbs, Beaumont, California, just outside of Victoville, has grown 130% since 2000.

The Growth is fueling expansion plans

Los Angeles County

The population growth and development has spurned large government projects in the area. The High Desert Corridor also known as E 220 Hwy is being reviewed as a means to reduce traffic on Hwy 138. This 50 mile proposed Hwy will link Hwy 14 in Lancaster and Palmdale to Hwy 395 in Adelanto-Victorville.

The Los Angeles Sanitation Department is developing their LWRP 2020 plan to develop long-term waste water effluent management facilities needed to accommodate the projected waste water flow. The County has bought and is planning to buy hundreds of acres of land for this project.

Centennial is a planned new community proposing jobs and homes, along with shopping, recreation, health care facilities, schools and public services (police, fire and ambulance). Centennial Plan This is on the far west side of Antelope Valley at Hwy 138 towards Hwy 5. Their proposal will create 6500 new jobs and 23,000 homes. Valley Press-Centennial

San Bernardino County

Southern California Logistics Airport Authority is set to approve a $340-million plan that would develop 5.78 million square feet of industrial, manufacturing and logistics space at the SoCal Logistics Airport. This freight airport in Adelanto, San Bernardino County is under way, and it will be an anchor connection for trucking on the proposed High Desert Corridor.

There are also many more city projects taking place in the two valleys, as well as private projects underway. Don’t get left behind, buy pre-developed land while prices are at their lows. Now is the time to find out about private land for sale. Contact us for current and future land investment buys.