Victorville has been expanding significantly recently. The city of Victorville will have a population of approximately 100,000 by 2005. It is located just 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles County, and it is the largest city in Victor Valley. It is accessible via freeways I-15, Highway 395, Highway 18 and Highway 138. The city is about to expand even more. Victorville Daily Press, recently reported April 29, 2006, the Southern California Logistics Airport Authority is set to approve a $340-million plan that would develop 5.78 million square feet of industrial, manufacturing and logistics space at the SoCal Logistics Airport. “There is a demand pressure for larger buildings of up to 1 million square feet, and we want to provide them for tenants,” said Dougall Agan, principal of Stirling International, the private development partner at SCLA.

Agan explained that industrial space is running thin down the hill and more companies have become interested in what SCLA can offer as an alternative. “We have seen a higher demand and we now have the infrastructure to provide these services,” he said. City Manager Jon Roberts said the project will substantially accelerate the development of jobs and clients at the former George Air force Base, which closed in 1992. “Once you start getting people making speculative investments, that is a strong signal that SCLA is an emerging place to do business,” he said.

The deal to build-out the land would include a commitment from the city to contribute $60 million for development of infrastructure, Roberts said. City Attorney Andre De Bortnowsky said infrastructure development will include the construction of roads, curbs, gutters and sewers.

Money to fund these projects will come from the redevelopment funds, De Bortnowsky said. Top tenants include General Electric, Liberty West, Pratt & Whitney, Leading Edge, US 101, Boeing, Southern California Aviation, and Heavylift Helicopters.

Proposed 25,000 New Homes

Victorville Daily Express December 05, 2006: Bounded by National Trails Highway and Interstate 15, a 7,500 acre unincorporated piece of land will be home to 25,000 new houses. The project is still in the preliminary stage and is being proposed by representatives from Suncal Companies. The Irvine based company is the largest privately held community developer in the West, said Steve Greyshock, a public relations consultant for the firm.

The Inland Empire

The Inland Empire consists of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. According to the U.S. Commerce Department the Inland Empire, which is due east of Los Angeles and Orange Counties and just north of San Diego County, will have a greater growth rate than any other area in the United States. See census data (

San Bernardino (1.7 million 2005) and Riverside (1.5 million 2005) Counties populations are projected to increase to 2.7 million in San Bernardino and 2.8 million in Riverside by 2025 ( This is why we feel investing in vacant land in the path of growth is a solid long term investment plan.

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