Los Angeles County has grown tremedously since the 60’s CensusScope.org). From 1960 to today, Los Angeles has become the biggest suburban sprawl in America. Carpool lanes run 24 hours, Interstate 10 is the busiest Hwy in the US, and it has created the expansion in the surrounding counties of Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino.

Los Angeles County population will exceed 10 million in 2006 US Census and 12 million in 2025 (see Encarta for more info.)

If you had invested $25,000 in 5 acres of raw land in 1965 in San Fernando Valley then you would have incurred a 40 times increase in value or $1,000,000. This has occurred in Orange County, Riverside, and Santa Clara Counties. It is still possible today in vacant land investments near growing areas like Antelope Valley.

Los Angeles Times report dated November 23, 1999, Los Angeles County’s growth pushes north. Northern Los Angeles County (Antelope Valley) will experience dramatic growth in the coming decade.

Palmdale-Lancaster area of Antelope Valley is expected to emerge as center of growth in Northern Los Angeles as urban Los Angeles pushes into the last remaining open space in the county, looking for building plots for sale. Most of the Antelope Valley is vacant unused land, with a great deal of growth and expansion from Lancaster, and Palmdale over the decades. Based on the government statistics Palmdale and Lancaster have grown from 94,000 (Palm) and 115,000 (Lan.) to 151,000 and 179,000 population respectively since 1994. The only abundant available space for Los Angeles Counties growth is Anteleope Valley.

Centennial Developement

Centennial is a planned new community proposing jobs and homes, along with shopping, recreation, health care facilities, schools and public services (police, fire and ambulance). Centennial Plan This is on the far west side of Antelope Valley at Hwy 138 towards Hwy 5. Their proposal will create 6500 new jobs and 23,000 homes. Valley Press-Centennial


There are ground floor opportunities for you today to buy pre-developed land for sale, and hold for developers in the future. I am sure you have seen open spaces near your city, and then a few years later a mall, freeway, or homes filled that space. Farmers have first hand experience with this phenomenon with farm land for sale. You can also fulfill your dreams by land banking for your future retirement and buying land for sale.

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