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We specialize in low priced parcels. We continue to offer the lowest price properties in the areas we sell. There are numerous similar comparable properties of land acres for sales, which have sold for even more than twice as much as our asking price. You could literally turn these parcels at a profit right away, but we recommend that you hold for the long term. Please contact us and we can pinpoint the location of the parcel. We will provide detailed images, development and plat maps. We have properties that are build able and others for long term investment for IRAs and 1031s.

We have recently added new properties, including Los Angeles county commercial real estate! We have many new build able and Industrial parcels now available.

Los Angeles County properties, Antelope Valley

Available Properties

New West Side Parcels

39th East at H-8

39th East at H-8
Size: 2.5 acres Residential RR-1 zoning
Price $50,000 all cash-(Availalbe)

This is an build-able parcel in Lancaster City limits. 40th East which is paved with power. There are lots of homes just east of this property. The property is an excellent parcel to own and build value instantly.

43rd East at H
Size: 2.2 acres
South of Ave H
Price $15,000 all cash(Available)

This is on pave H with power. It is approximately 2 acres. There is a home across the road. It is just at east of Lancaster City limits. Great Low priced investment.

20th West at F-14
Size:2.12 acres
Price $39,000 all cash (SOLD)

This parcel is runs on 20th Street West, which runs along Hwy 14. The current Lancaster City limits ends at Ave G, but the city is proposing to annex the city limits as far north at Ave E. This property is very close to current and future development.

86th West F-10

86th West at F-10
Size: 1.25 acres
Price $20,000 all cash

This parcel is on the west side near numerous custom homes and just south of Antelope acres. There is a solar power plant in Del Sur 1.5 mile south of this parcel.

33rd East L-2

33rd East at L-2
Size: 1.25 acres
Price $25,000 all cash (Available)

This parcel runs just sotuh of L, and it is industrial land zoned M-4 near the soccer fields. This is a very active area where there are a lot of buyers looking for land.

Antelope Valley East Side Parcels

Multiple Residential Location

128th East at V-8
Size: acres
Price $50,000 all cash

The Property is zoned LCRA 7500 allowing seven homes on the property. The parcel has a lot of future potential value with multiple dwelling zoning. It is just ½ mile north of Hwy 138 Pearblossom Hwy and just east of Long View Road another future main road.

112th East at D-4

112th East at D-4
Size: 10 acres
Price $25,000 all cash

One of the lowest priced parcels per acre in the entire Antelope Valley at $2,500/acre.

This is a larger parcel on the east side with easements. There are a number of custom homes and farms in the area. Zoning allows a home per 2.5 acres. The price makes this a great investment with great upside. Contact us for further information, images and details.

Ave T-8 Road Access

182nd East at T-8
Size: 2.5
Price $15,000 all cash

East side parcel with many homes and development at 175th East and T. Great parcel to hold for the long term and wait. Power runs on T-4 and there are custom homes east and north of the parcel.

Parcel near County construction

111th East at L-5
Size: 2.5
Price $20,000 all cash(Available)

Industrial zoned parcel in Palmdale, Ca. Homes and farms throughout the area. Great price for industrial property.

12th East at G-9
Size: 1.25
Price $20,000 all cash

Future planned Industrial zoned parcel in Lancaster, Ca. Homes just south of parcel. The city of Lancaster is planning to annex this area for industrial uses including solar and wind energy production.

Ave G Just south of parcel

45th East at F-12
Size: 2.5 acres
Price $16,000 all cash-(Sold)

Recently Sold

  • 20th West at F-14 | Size 2.5 acres | Sold $16,000/acre
  • 12th West at F-12 | Size 2.12 acres | Sold $16,000/acre
  • 7th West at F-4 | Size 1.25 acres | Sold $16,000/acre
  • 65th West at F-4 | Size 5 acres | Sold $13,000/acre
  • Division at Ave M-4 | Size 1.25 acres | Sold $44,000/acre
  • Challenger at G-12  | Size 1.25 acres | Sold $11,200/acre
  • 221st West at C-6  | Size 2.5 acres | Sold $5600/acre
  • 111th East at L-2  | Size 2.05 acres  | Sold $7300/acre
  • 155th East at I  | Size 30 acres  | Sold $1200/acre
  • 10th West at A-4 | Size 2.5 acres | Sold $6,000/acre
  • 180 West at B | Size 2.5 acres | Sold $3,000/acre
  • 260th East at Hwy 138 | size: 2.5 acres | Sold $4,800/acre
  • 200th East near B-8 | Size: 10 acres | Sold $2,000/acre
  • 205th East at Ave Q | Size: 10 acres | Sold $3,000/acre
  • 190th East at I-8 | Size: 20 acres | Sold $3,100/acre
  • 59th West at Ave C | Size: 5 acres | Sold $10,000/acre
  • 67th West near Ave D | Size: 1.89 acres | Sold $12,000/acre
  • 120th West near J-8 | Size: 2.5 acres | Sold $8,000/acre
  • 195th West at Ave E | Size: 5 acres | Sold $5,000/acre

Other parcels coming soon!

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