The terminology Land Banking is not new and has been a significant means for investors to buy and hold their investment. Land and Property has proven to be one of the best means to invest in your future. It has certainly proven to increase in value over time, and sometimes with amazing returns.

We locate vacant land parcels within the growth path of development. We either have the parcels today or we locate parcels for our investors. A lot of our properties are small investments (under $100k) and buyer’s purchase as a cash sale with a 30 day close, or even on terms over a period of time.

If you are considering real estate investing (buying investment property), as a retirement vehicle and a long term investment then land banking is sure to be the best maintenance free investment. We have a number of great parcels currently in Los Angeles County available now, both Los Angeles residential and commericial real estate. View Land for Sale.

Real estate investments are the perfect vehicle to legally take advantage of all that the law allows. The IRS actually provides tools for you to accomplish this objective. We can assist you to roll your IRA into vacant land, or use an IRS 1031 exchange to defer your income gain. These are very simple processes that are handled in escrow. Your IRA must be a self directed IRA. A self-directed IRA is no different then any other IRA. The term “self-directed” simply means that individuals can select, either alone or with the advice of a broker or investment advisor, investments that they prefer for their IRA accounts. Among permitted investments with a self-directed IRA include not only, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but also real estate.

Under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031, a real property owner can sell his property and then reinvest the proceeds in ownership of like-kind property and defer the capital gain taxes. In order to qualify as a like-kind exchange, property exchanges must be done in accordance with the rules set forth in the tax code and in the treasury regulations. A 1031 allows you to sell a property and exchange it and incur a no gain or loss to the IRS. It can be done over and over.

Certainly real estate has it’s high’s and lows, and we have seen some investors who overpaid for parcels. Our specialty is to locate opportunities for investors at the optimum price not the overprice. We do a great deal of research, know where to buy land, for instance, where to buy land in California, and we have invested in the areas and properties that we recommend. We have the comparable data for you to get the vacant land deal that investors are after. We created the company because we like you were looking for opportunities at markets lows. We have numerous parcels currently at an optimum buy price. View Land for Sale.